Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello World! Here I Come!

I decided that 38 weeks and 4 days was long enough to be cramped up in Mommy's belly so I gave her and Daddy a big surprise...I decided to come 10 days early!! October 3, 2010 sounded like a great birthday to me (even though I know Mommy and Daddy were hoping for 10-10-10).
Here is a short summary of my arrival:

Contractions started at around 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 2nd. Mommy waited for about an hour and then decided to call the hospital even though they didn't follow the 5-1-1 rule (Five minutes apart, 1 minute long, have been that way for 1 hour). The nurse told her to try to get some sleep and call back in the morning. Yeah right! No sleep for mommy and the contractions kept on coming....inconsistent but they were there. At 4:30 a.m. Mommy called again, this time in tears because she wasn't sure if she was really in labor or not. This time the nurse told her to come in.

Luckily she had finished packing the overnight bag that day (yup, I have great timing) and everything was ready to go. There was just a little snag because Daddy couldn't quite remember where he had put his wallet. No worries though because he found it and we were on our way to Huntersville Presbyterian Hospital.

Mommy was still able to walk into the hospital and we were put in a small Triage room. Mommy and Daddy were hoping that wasn't the room they would be staying in the entire time. It wasn't! We were told that we may be sent home again because Mommy was only 3 cm. dilated and they wanted to wait an hour to see the progress that she made.

Well, I wasn't having that!! Mommy became nauseous and threw up and then her water broke! Yay! We were officially staying. We were put into room 311 and the whole process began. At 5 cm. Mommy decided she needed some rest and got an epidural. She thought she could get some rest and the Dr. told her she could probably start pushing at around 3:00. This was around 10:30. Daddy left to go home and get some stuff and the doctor went to church. No, No, No...I needed to speed up this process. At 11:30 the nurse said we were about ready to start pushing and that Mommy should call Daddy to make sure he was on his way back. The doctor also had to get paged in church to come back to the hospital. At noon the fun started and an 1 hour and 19 minutes later I entered the world!!

My Mommy and Me!

Here I am!

Daddy and me!

Our very first family picture.

Dr. Bull, Mommy, and me!
Whew! What a day!!

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