Monday, October 25, 2010

3 Weeks Old!

Yesterday I turned 3 weeks old! Time flies when you are having fun! :-) I have been a pretty good baby so far and am usually very content. I've started staying awake between feedings during the daytime (and unfortunately for Mommy I stayed awake a lot last night too! Snuggling is so much better than laying flat on my back in my bed.) I smile a lot while I sleep but have started to smile while awake too. Yesterday Daddy made me smile even while I had the hiccups!

My "3 Weeks Old" picture (Mommy will now begin taking monthly pictures)

Here is a little smile!

Mommy loves taking self portraits.

Here I am in my pumpkin outfit from Andy, Lindsey, and Aubrey.

Here is our newest family picture that was taken on October 21st.

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