Saturday, May 26, 2018

First Pool Day and Another Carowinds Trip

Our neighborhood pool opened up last weekend. Mommy, Hayden, and I went and were the first visitors of the season! The weather was overcast but it was still fun to be in the pool! The Daddies were at the Nascar Race all weekend and Logan was visiting. We celebrated his birthday while he was here. We also met Lindsey, Aubrey, and Mattox at Carowinds on Sunday. Here are the pictures from last weekend....
The only people at the pool!

Hayden is fearless with his puddle jumper.

Pool selfie!

Taking a break.

Happy belated birthday, Logan!

Being silly with bubbles!

So many bubbles!

Ready for some fun at Carowinds!

The lines were super short when we got there.

We were excited to meet our friends there.

Best friends!

We enjoyed the train ride.

Best buddies!

Phew! What a fun and busy weekend!
We only have 9 school days left and are looking forward to many more fun adventures this summer!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mother's Day

We enjoyed Mother's Day at the Botanical Gardens because Daddy got a year long family membership as a gift for Mommy. We kept up with our tradition of wearing coordinating outfits and Daddy even joined in on the fun. Here are some pictures....
Mommy and Hayden.

Selfie at the gardens.

Sometimes we get along. HeeHee!

Notice that Hayden is carrying Sidney and
not Pluto. Lately, Sidney is getting the VIP
treatment, but Pluto is still around!

There was a craft station for us to make
picture frames.

Nina and her family joined us too and then we
went to their house for a cookout.

Mommy tried to capture Hayden's
freckle face!
We had a fun day and we didn't fight too much! (Wink! Wink!)

Spartan #7 (and #2 for Hayden!)

We had a busy Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday, we drove to Fayetteville for a Spartan Race. Daddy ran the "super" race, which was 8.5 miles long and 20 obstacles! Hayden and I did a kid's race again which was 1/2 a mile and had lots of fun obstacles. It was HOT and Mommy bought us Kona Ice.....twice! Of course she took a lot of pictures.....
The three Spartans!

We got to choose different flavors for our ice.

Our cups changed colors!

Cooling off.

Selfie with Mommy!

Excited about our race!

We wanted to be the first ones in line.

Warming up.
Red, set, go!

I helped Hayden get over the walls.

This was our favorite part.
We got some great pictures from the professional photographer.


Waiting for Hayden.

We had to go under these branches.

Time to get our medals!

We got to see Daddy finish his race!

We enjoyed going out to dinner.

We also loved spending the night at the hotel.
We had a great time! We can't wait until our next race!