Sunday, April 8, 2018

First Spartan Kid Race

Yesterday I ran my first Spartan Kid Race (Ayla ran her 6th!!). We headed out early with Daddy and Pappy, who were running the actual race. It was wet and rainy but we found a spot under a tent near the finish line. We had fun watching the finishers and even got to see Daddy and Pappy at the spear toss. Here are a TON of pictures from yesterday.....
Daddy and Pappy are ready to go!

We had lots of photo ops while we waited for our race to start.

That's my Spartan face! Hahaha!

Enjoying my favorite snack.....edible paper.

We signed our names on the wall.

Practicing my Spartan face again.

It was cold and rainy so I wore Mommy's shirt.

We saw Daddy on the course.
I really really really wanted to jump in this
puddle. Mommy wouldn't let me because she
knew I would be wet, cold, and miserable
while I waited for my race.

We saw Pappy too!

3 generations of Spartans.

Trying to act brave. I was cold and cranky
at the beginning of our race.

I'm glad that Ayla was there to help me.

Trying to balance.

Spear toss!

I got my chance to get muddy!

Ayla loved these dirt mounds.

She slid down them.
I walked around the sides.

Pappy helped me over this obstacle.

I see the finish line!!

A three year difference!
Warm and snuggly in the car.
We went out to dinner at Duckworth's
after we got all cleaned up.

Ayla with all of her medals.