Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rehoboth Vacation - Day 3

This morning started off with Hayden sleeping in the closet. What?!? Ha Ha! Aunt Mica took a picture because sometime in the middle of the night, Hayden decided to go to the closet and sleep. What a goof! Uncle Dave picked up Fractured Prune donuts and they were delicious! We then headed to Cape Henlopen State park. We explored the Nature Center (I was brave and touched a horseshoe crab), waded in the water, and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Daddy and Uncle Dave went to play Disc Golf for a bit and we explored the beach for a little bit.
Goof ball Hayden!

Fractured Prune donuts! Yum!

Mommy made Hayden take his shirt off so
that he wouldn't get messy.

I had a mint chocolate chip donut.

Messy face! Ha ha!

Logan liked the sprinkles.
Exploring the Nature Center.

I was brave and touched the horseshoe crab.

The water was shallow and calm.

Pluto came exploring today too.

We went for a walk on that pier but didn't take any pictures
for some reason.

The boys had fun in the water.

The Mommies wanted a picture too.

Lunch time!

For some reason we all decided that we wanted to wear our
hats backwards.

After a day of exploring Cape Henlopen, we relaxed and
watched some movies.

Rehoboth Vacation - Day 2

Today was our first beach day. We decided to go to the beach at the Rehoboth boardwalk. Ayla, Mallory, and I loved playing in the ocean. Logan loved playing in the sand. We stayed at the beach for almost four hours and then went to dinner. After dinner, we wanted ice cream. We went to a place that had really fancy milk shakes. It's a good thing that Mommy decided to share with me because we didn't realize how HUGE they were until we got them. They were delicious!!! Here are pictures from day 2.
Logan and I enjoyed breakfast outside.

Check out that cute beach model! Haha!

I loved the water.
Ayla and Mallory

We had fun with our boogie boards.

We loved using the big shovels to dig in
the sand.

I went for a walk on the beach with Mommy.

Oh, you know, just doing my yoga pose
on the beach.

A silly picture on the boardwalk.

Daddy and Ayla selfie at dinner.

I took a selfie with Daddy too.

One more with Mommy.

Mommy drew this picture of our family
on the kid's menu.
We stopped at the arcade to play a few games.
This race car game was my favorite.

Our attempt at a family selfie.

Check out that milkshake!!!


Ayla got an ice cream sandwich.

She tried the milkshake too.