Sunday, February 25, 2018

Suessical the Musical (and other picture updates)

Oopsie! We got WAY behind on the blog and we have LOTS of pictures to update.
We will start with yesterday's pictures. We went to visit the Mehall's and Mommy and I had a "Girl's Day" with Aubrey and Lindsey. We went to dinner and then went to see Seussical the Musical. I loved the musical and the Cat in the Hat was so funny. We even got to get our pictures taken with some of the cast members afterwards.
All dressed up and ready to go to the musical.

Best friends.

The Cat in the Hat.

Last weekend we celebrated Daddy's birthday at the Flying Saucer. We stayed for dinner but then we headed to Concord Mills to do some shopping. Hayden and I got to make "Sidney Dog" at Build a Bear.

Making Sidney

We went on the carousel too!

Hayden held both Sidney dogs

The weekend before we made bears at
Build a Bear for Nina's birthday.
That's where we originally saw the Sidney

Here are just a few random pictures.....
We made spaeztle! Yum!
Pluto joined us ON the dinner table.

Hayden came to visit me while I was
selling Girl Scout cookies.

Mommy's friend, Denise, made this cool Pluto rock
for Hayden.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Day #2

Today we didn't play in the snow as much as yesterday, but we did take a walk to the playground and the nature trail AND Pluto got to come outside and enjoy the snow too. After our walk, we made "snow cream" and it was delicious! Enjoy the pictures from today....
All bundled up and ready for our walk.

We found this log by the creek on the nature
trail so of course Mommy had to take some

It looked so pretty outside today.

Here we are on one of the bridges on the
nature trail.

Pluto was happy to be out in the snow.

Peek-a-boo! Do you see us?
We buried Pluto in the snow.
This resulted in a wet Pluto and a "Spa Treatment"
from Mommy in the dryer later on.

Swinging in the snow.

I kept eating the snow.

So did Ayla.
When we got back home Mommy helped us make
"Snow Cream" Milk, sugar, vanilla, and snow.
We added sprinkles and it was yummy!!!


Snow Cream and sprinkles!

Ayla loved it too.

Daddy-o took Ayla to The Flying Saucer
for lunch. I stayed home with Mommy.
There is no school again tomorrow but it's supposed to warm up a lot, so the snow will be gone tomorrow. We did love our two snow days though! Sending hugs and kisses to all!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Day #1

Today we had a snow day. Mommy and Daddy both stayed home because it wasn't even an option for them to go to work. We thought we were only getting an inch or so and ended up getting 5 inches! We went outside to play in the snow twice and enjoyed some hot chocolate. You know Mommy, get ready for lots of pictures....
Ready for round #1.

Daddy was throwing snowballs at me.

I tried to get him (and Mommy) too!

Ayla helped me.

Ayla made a snow angel.

I did too.

Silly me!

We took a break to make homemade Nutter Butter cookies.
They were delicious!

Anxiously waiting for round #2.

Anyone want a burger or a hotdog? Hee! Hee!

Wrestling in the snow with Daddy.

He got me!

Family selfie time.

Ayla had a snowball battle with Daddy.
Mommy and me.

Daddy and Ayla.

Mommy and Ayla.

Ayla and I teamed up to attach Daddy.

Mmm! Hot chocolate.

We got a total of around 5 inches and have another snow day tomorrow. Stay tuned for more pictures!